Arı Menu Benefits

Contactless Menu

Your menu is on the phone of your customers without touch anything.

No Need a Mobile App

Your customers do not need to download any program or application.

Fast Update

Feature your new foods on a daily basis. You can update your foods and prices in your menu at any time with easy and useful the control panel.

Unlimited Foods List

You can add as unlimited categories and foods as you want to the menu.

Vivid and Appetizing Food Images

Printed paper menus can wear out over time. But food images always vivid in digital menus.

Reduce Workload of workers

You can reduce labor loss caused by the waiter while bringing the menu.

Save Money

Consider your annual menu printing cost? You always have to reprint when you add a new food or change prices..

Protect Nature

New generation digital menu solution is friendly to environment and budget. You can protect nature with it..